"The Midterms 2014"

As executive producer of BUTV10's near five-hour long live election results show, Ashley:

  • organized content production;
  • booked guest interviews;
  • assigned three anchor teams, seven live reporters, a national desk and an in-studio interviewer;
  • staffed two control rooms;
  • formatted the program and wrote the script;
  • and produced the show on election night.

The show's content focused on key Massachusetts races, New Hampshire's senate contest, New England results and updates from across the country. In-studio expert interviews and package reports took an in-depth look at the issues; who was voting and how; the role of the ballot issues; and how the state and national elections affected one another.

In addition to broadcast on BUTV10, election content was published across BUNewsService.com and on radio station WTBU 89.3-FM/640-AM.

BUTV had the most aggressive collegiate coverage of the Midterm Elections in the country with the live broadcast and web simulcast show.